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The frog and the princess

Cuentos para Masonería siglo XXI ver-II

The frog and the princess Tales for 21st century Freemasonry A king had several beautiful daughters, the little one stood out in beauty and was the most spoiled The little girl became fond of playing near a deep pond, with a ball that she threw up and caught when it fell. One day she threw the ball with such bad luck that it fell into the pond  When the girl saw it, she began to cry desperately. A toad that was walking on a water lily heard her and asked her, What's wrong with you that you're crying?  The princess replied, I have dropped my ball...

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Dilemma: Use of genes in gestation

Empleo de Genes en la gestación

Dilemma: Use of genes in gestation  It is a prenatal genetic engineering project, seeking perfection with genes that provide beneficial results and eliminate all diseases and disabilities; introducing improvements to increase the quality of life, intelligence, good social habits. But, it will also be allowed that the parents who wish to, can eliminate some improvements and that the child grows up without genetic changes. The result of these procedures means that some defects cannot be eliminated or corrected, which would cause potential babies to be eliminated. Selecting and choosing among babies, is it a task that corresponds to God, to the parents, to...

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