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Freemason`s way  in a few tales

Camino de Francmasón en unos cuentos

Freemason`s way  in a few tales. (first)

A king wanted to be the most powerful , and believing  that  the Sun was the most he could be. he went to the outskirts of his castle and spoke to  the Sun:

Oh Sun! You who are the most powerful, tell me what I have to do to equal you

The Sun replied, Majesty I am not the most powerful, the clouds are more than me, because when they pass they cover me and darken me.

The King went to the clouds and told them

0h clouds! You who are the bravest,  tell me, what can I do to equalize you?

The clouds answered: Majesty, we are not like that, the wind is stronger than us, He drives us at will

The King asked the wind: Oh wind! Tell me what can I do to be as influential as you

To which the wind said: Majesty we are not the most influential, the walls of your castle prevent us from passing.

The King looked at their walls and asked them. Oh walls! You who take away power, value, influences, tell me what I can do to achieve all that.

The walls with a weak voice begged him: Majesty, we depend on a mouse that with its daily work is removing our foundations, eliminate it and you will be the king of nothing.

This is Freemasonry, daily work that manages to overcome the vices of the Society, preparing it so that each one with their exemplary contribution will live in a world of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

Our traditions and customs together with the memory of the example of Brothers who are in the Eternal East, their work together with those of current changes and initiatives, must all be available together in one place.

For this purpose the

Great Eternal East Cementery

Masonic General Archive

We invite you to visit them and participate with the publication of obituaries, the edition of the book of your lodge or yours, making a donation from € 5


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