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Jules Verne Mason?

Jules Verne Mason? 

Jules Verne the greatest science fiction writer in history, visionary, ahead of his time, between historical reality and legend.


Julio Verne Masón?Different researchers attribute to him a mystical sensitivity acquired within certain secret societies linking him with the Freemasons and Rosicrucians without proof to prove it, not as well as his editor, Hetzel and his mentor, Dumas who were members of one of those societies known as La Niebla. or Angelica Society, which is believed to be originally from the 16th century. Founded by a printer from Lyon named Griphe, who made a play on words with “Néphès”, an ancient Greek society whose name means “fog” and constitutes the symbol on which the action of God in the world is represented, as it is It says in the Book Ecclesiastes, 24-4: “I pitched my tent on the heights and my throne was a pillar of cloud.”

The Society of the Mists took its ideology from Freemasonry and pursued the knowledge of God through nature and its laws, reproducing Aristotelian natural philosophy. Its members were the culprits of popularizing an ancient book from medieval times, which turned it into their favorite hermetic book, “The Dream of Poliphlus”, a very rare work attributed to an Italian Dominican monk, Francesco Colonna, and which was initially published in Venice in 1499.

One of Jules Verne’s characters in his novel “Around the World in 80 Days“, Phileas Fogg, is a member of a club called Reform Club (The initials RC coincide with those of the Rosicrucians), whose name is the etymological equivalent of Poliphilo. But there is more. Fogg, in English, means “Fog.” Some researchers have translated the name Phileas Fogg as “son of the mist.”

In the novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth” there are continuous hidden references and initiatory rites, the word VITRIOL used in Freemasonry “Visit the Interior of the Earth and Rectifying You will find the Hidden Stone” refers in principle to the ancient mysteries, in where the candidates were led to a small, dark room called the Chamber of Reflection. Various experts have searched the Masonic archives for the name of the writer to no avail. In spite of everything, the supporters of this theory do not give up and insist that the tomb of the genius itself, in Amiens, allegedly built with the measures of the Golden Number, is full of Masonic symbolism.

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Jules Verne Mason?

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