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Message to the Brothers.·.

The loneliness in which our phrases and ideas remain in the archives of lodges or in the archives of silent thoughts, after the Lodge meeting  and definitely since we began to enjoy the passage to the Eternal East, where we may contemplate with unease that those ideas of ours being so usable they are forgotten.


Do you have the talent of wanting to help society? Those privileged with the need to help society can now make their sagacity accessible to others, they have the opportunity to recover the works of others so that their ideas and their efforts continue to give birth to the common and eternal Masonic project for the betterment of Humanity.


In the World Masonic Cemetery, the World Lodge where your apron plumbs you, your ideas are kept alive in the permanent World Meeting where everyone can read you and boost your contributions so that they continue to hit the rough stone until the Society full of Freedom is made, Equality and Fraternity for which we have fought.


In the General Masonic Archive YOUR virtual Masonic BOOK, your works, the strength of your brothers and your capacity make a sum of social improvement and of humanity.


In the World Masonic Cemetery, we recover, conserve and promote that the deeds, the works, the capacity of the brothers who passed to the Eternal East, along with a photo, continue to help others to polish their raw stone, for the final objective of a better society.


Your virtual Masonic Book in the Masonic General Archive, the Tombstone of the Brother who passed to the Eternal East are acquired for only € 14.90 for contribution, for the preparation, insertion and maintenance.


The attached form allows you to get it, your photo, your phrase of up to 300 words and your plate, your work. so that you continue to be part of the Eternal Chain of Union.

The International Masonic Cemetery appreciates the support of its sponsors

The masonry that unites us, the one that will not be forgotten

We help make it accessible to all