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The 5 blind

The 5 blind

Five blind people were gathered in a room, they were asked to identify what they had in front of them, each one touched and then said what it was.

One said is a pillar

another is a rope

Another a tree branch

The fourth is a fan

The fifth is a wall

They all defended and tried to convince others that what they believed was the truth.

The one that touched a pillar was a leg, the rope, the tail, the tree, the trunk, the fan, the ears and the wall, the belly of the Elephant that they had in front of them

Sometimes in the lodge, at work, at home, we insist on believing that ours is correct, and also the others, this story should serve us for the next time that we have an elephant in front of us, touch and look beyond what we have in front of you; many times the truth is behind what we see.

In Lodge meetings brothers intervene from the limits of what unites them to the others, respecting the differences and considering the discrepancies as things to consider.

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