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The boy and the candies

El niño y los caramelos

A child picks up / steals some candy from a jar. They discover him and when they accuse him, he answers saying that if someone is tired and hungry and takes some candy from where he thinks no one will notice, nothing happens because he does it.

The owner is left thinking about this argument instead of giving him an example, then, a lady passes by, tells him the situation and asks her what is her opinion? She answers that what the child has done is wrong, the candies weren’t his, so that’s stealing.

The child protests and replies saying that qualifying as theft is very decisive and gives an example, anarchists have very different universal values.

The owner of the candy decides to give him a punishment.

What is your rating? Theft or excusable action, other.?

In an interview with Fidel Castro about political prisoners, he answered with an example: if someone wants to assassinate me, what is the crime? Attempted murder or political crime?

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