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The frog and the princess

Cuentos para Masonería siglo XXI ver-II

The frog and the princess

Tales for 21st century Freemasonry

A king had several beautiful daughters, the little one stood out in beauty and was the most spoiled

The little girl became fond of playing near a deep pond, with a ball that she threw up and caught when it fell. One day she threw the ball with such bad luck that it fell into the pond

 When the girl saw it, she began to cry desperately.

A toad that was walking on a water lily heard her and asked her, What’s wrong with you that you’re crying?

 The princess replied, I have dropped my ball in the water and I can’t catch it, I can’t even see it.

The toad said: I can pick it up, but what would you give me in return?

The princess: whatever you want, whatever you ask of me.

The toad: I just want to eat off your plate and sleep in your bed

The princess: all right, all right, take the ball and return it

The toad gets into the water, dives and after a while comes out with the ball that he gives to the princess, she takes it and runs away. The toad looks at her and calls her: princess! Princess! Wai! I can’t run so fast.

The princess looks at him with disgust and continued on her way.

Later, the king and the princesses are in the royal dining room having their lunch, when there is a splash chop, chop, chup and a knock on the door. Princess, it’s me, let me in. Princess, let me in. The king asked and her daughter told him what had happened. The king told her, promises must be kept, allowing the toad to enter, sit next to her at the table and share her plate. After the meal the toad reminded her that they had to share her bed. The king in the same way ordered her to keep her word, they went to the bedroom and there she put the toad in the last corner, it approached his side, but then the princess took him and crashed him against the wall behind the bed. When the toad fell on the bed, he became a slender prince.

What is the moral of this story in your opinion?

Princess, Father King, Toad Prince, promises…


The frog and the princess


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