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The ideal is typical of “hopeful”, the wise are satisfied with the convenient

dilema, ideal o idoneo

The ideal is typical of “hopeful”, the wise are satisfied with the convenient

When we talk about what would be ideal for something, what are we looking for?

We say that the ideal for this situation is this or that, and we begin to think and discuss how we can achieve it, for example

In a restaurant: What is the ideal menu for this event? And each one says the dishes they like the most, but even including all the dishes in a menu, this would not be the ideal menu, there would be dishes that some would like and not others, in addition to being such a large menu that it would be impossible to serve it.

In a social debate: Everyone has to have luxury cars! This is my ideal trip! And we discuss, we think, contributing fallacies and circular arguments.

If we changed to

What is the convenient menu for this event? We would have a response of dishes that would satisfy the largest number of diners 100% and a small percentage that would be 80 – 90% satisfied

If we think about what is the convenient car that can circulate, park, affordable, etc.? We will have the parameters to have the appropriate Car for that society.

My convenient trip: which one can I afford? Where do I satisfy my hobby of …?

In Meetings, we often consider the Ideal of this or that, and we look for impossible answers that bring even stronger discrepancies, because there is no common ideal for everyone. From here we invite some reflections on what is the suitable, without a doubt, to get an “ideal” outfit.

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