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There is more saved and forgotten than visible

Hay más guardado y olvidado que visible

There is more saved and forgotten than visible

Traditions, the example of the brothers of the Eternal East, their works, their examples, their vocations to improve the Society, should be a source as well as a support for the daily construction of the world temple of the Present, a sum that would give rise to a future of Masonic Society with force to decisively influence the progression of both civil and political Society.

Until yesterday there was no general repository for the archive of the traditions and customs both general of large lodges and local lodges that could be used for consultation by all.

Brothers, works, ideas, proposals, plates, initiatives, etc. they remain in the archives of the lodges and in many cases, at the limited disposal of some brothers with access.

Today we have two constructions to recover and make visible in their obituaries the Forgotten Traditions, Brothers, their virtues and their ideas, so with the edition of Personal Books to allow the present updated by its protagonists to form the basis of the Future desired by all True Masons .

Welcome the creation of the


and from


Their effort allows us the freemasons of the world to rescue, preserve, promote, keep alive, the traditions that we will contribute and the initiatives, ideas, proposals of the freemasons with a vocation to be relevant for the renewal of society.

For this construction your participation by contributing your knowledge is necessary, also the economic one although only from € 5 will make it possible.

As a Mason builder of a better society, contribute to its maintenance with a contribution from € 5

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Your visit and your contribution make you great as a Mason.

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There is more saved and forgotten than visible

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