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Sponsorship and collaboration

Business support

As a World and Public Masonic Cemetery we want companies and institutions to collaborate with us through the sponsorship or patronage of this unique project in the world.

With their contributions, institutions and companies make a significant contribution to the maintenance, expansion and dissemination of this World Masonic Cemetery, as well as to the creation and development of different activities scheduled throughout the year. The participation of companies, corporations, collaborators or HH. ·. As sponsors it is essential to be able to maintain the level of excellence in each of our projects.


Actively collaborate


Any company, institution or association is invited to collaborate with the Masonic cemetery for the education of society. As a sponsor, you can select which country you want to sponsor with your contribution. At the World Masonic Cemetery we believe it is important to strengthen ties between society and the Brothers. ·. Masons who contribute their ideas, thoughts and plates that we conserve here and try to spread. For this reason, we greatly appreciate the collaboration of the micro-dozen who have lent us their support, and we appreciate their involvement and interest in the entire process.



Sponsor the Freemasonry XXI Century


Each of our VIP sponsors is mentioned on the special Sponsors website (only if you want it).


VIP sponsors can request to include or expand countries or Grand Lodges within the World Masonic Cemetery or publish books in the World Masonic General Archive.


You will receive a personalized, printable diploma by email.


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Frequent questions

¿Is it possible to obtain a document certifying my donation?

Yes, once the donation has been made, you can request this document by sending an email to. info@freemasonryxxicentury.com indicating your full name and identification document number. The processing of this document is not immediate, it is estimated approximately a period of 10 days.

¿Need help?

We solve your doubts or help you complete your donation by phone, email.

The World Masonic Cemetery appreciates the support of its sponsors:

List of companies and institutions that support us


The masonry that unites us, the one that will not be forgotten

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