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masonic archive log

Edit your book

Do you consider your Masonic works positive?


Do you think that your thoughts should be considered by other brothers?


Is discretion anonymity?


Is discretion forgetting?


The works of the Brother Masons last the time dedicated to their construction and the 15 minutes of presentation and discussion at the Lodge meeting, after which they are archived.


Do you think that your plates or thoughts deserve to be kept giving light to the rest of Brothers?


This “waste” -because it is not taken advantage of- of wisdom, contribution and individual and collective effort that suppose the strength of Universal Freemasonry, hidden in the Lodges and in the individual memory of the brothers, must be replaced by an option that maintains the Light of its content open to the study and consideration of all.


The enormous treasures of the Lodges, the extraordinary capacities of the Brotherhoods. have their place in the World Masonic General Archive, for the consideration and use of all Freemasonry and the Society


Freemason brother, let the sagacity of your works be a light for all, remove them from the “selfish” local archive for the good of society.


Open YOUR Masonic BOOK and keep in it your thoughts, your plates, your collaborations, so that your effort and work are rewarded by the consideration and recognition of other brothers, lodges and society. On the cover your photo and your most relevant data, without forgetting the qualities that adorn you, inside a space for your best ideas, thoughts, etc. with up to 300 characters and also a place for pages of clever contribution to make Freemasonry more important , more solver of social problems, so that your stone is part.


Do you think it is worth your contribution to be known?


Only € 14.90 for the registration and preparation of your book and its maintenance, which you can get by filling in the attached form.


S.F.U. L.I.F.

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