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Masonic Lodges

Masonic Lodges of the World



The power of the Lodge is to provoke the ideas and thoughts of brother analyzing them in lodge meetings, then usually remain in the hidden file after the Chain of Union


These works of the brotherhood of the Lodge remain in it, depriving these treasures to the rest of lodges, without receiving the light and the options they contain, so the jobs become  almost barren


 The Lodges have kept their archives, the memory of their Masonic vision.  Now you can, therefore, make them accessible to the Masonic World, strengthening it.


 Today the World Masonic Cemetery together with the General Masonic Archive allow the works of Brothers that passed to the Eternal East and those of the current Lodge meetings can be offered to the rest Masonic Community .  Help to save them, to keep them, promote their active awareness with the ever-open Chain of Union of the Eternal Grand Lodge.

Access to this World Masonic service is the attached form and a minimal special contribution of 14.90 € for the inscription of one brother or 24.90€ to praise 3 brothers, who passed to Eternal East.

 Power is Duty, Masons have the power of free thought, we must transmit it to the Masonic World in particular and to the Society for its improvement.


visit:  www.worldmasoniccemetery.com

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