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Masonic Lodges

Recover the memory

The Ideas, the thoughts, the works, the balusters, lectures, Lodge meetings, the facts, the Brother Masons, the Lodges, everything is left in tiny traces that are erased with the passage of time. Except for the most extraordinary and for each of us, our family member or the brother who influenced us when we met him.


Beyond an occasional mention, making these feelings known is difficult.


The need as Masons to keep current the opportunities for social improvement that are the jobs of the HH remain outside of our individuality.


Is the waste evident?


The Brothers who, because they were, suffered persecution that took them away from their deserved social memory.


Society’s need to know the best of World Freemasonry forces us to recover, preserve and promote this knowledge.


We now have the World Masonic Cemetery so that everything we represent and have done can be contemplated, studied, considered and applied.


It is possible to build a memorial tombstone for the brother and family member who with their ideas and actions made us better.


Put in the place that corresponds to Brother Mason or the Family member who does not occupy him because he is, now in the World Masonic Cemetery you can restore him and give him all the honors he deserves.


With this Tombstone it remains where it always should have been in the World Masonic Community.


A Tombstone with your photo, your name, your facts and the relevance that you bring to it. You get it for a contribution to its preparation and permanence for the next 5 years, of only € 14.90, fill out the attached form.



La masonería que nos une, la que no quedará en el olvido

Ayudamos a que siga siendo accesible para todos